New Pathways’ Toddler Program is designed for children from 12 months to 30 months. We have 2 toddler classrooms for this naturally curious, always on-the-go group of little ones!

Toddlers form close relationships with others.

Our teachers understand toddlers and know that while they want to be independent – they still need warm, loving connections as the base for their growth and learning. Our toddler teachers are often seen with children on their laps or giving hugs and cuddles! Toddlers are also becoming increasingly aware of the other children in their classroom.Our teachers support and encourage these beginning social interactions.

Toddlers are curious and ready to explore.

With a strong emphasis on language development, our curriculum offers many opportunities for a curious toddler to learn about his world! From your toddler’s first painting to her curiosity about the natural world, our teachers will be there to explore, discover, and play with your child!

Toddlers are on the move!

And our safe, outdoor play area is the perfect place for your toddler to run, jump and wiggle. Toddlers enjoy riding toys, sandboxes, balls and bubbles, rolling in the grass – and exploring in our fenced, outdoor playground.

Toddlers want to know “what’s next?”

While your toddler may be unpredictable, she will benefit from the predictability of our consistent schedule and established routines. Toddlers are offered nutritious morning and afternoon snacks and lunch, a rest time after lunch, and predictable times for classroom and outdoor activities. New Pathways is a great place for toddlers!